Are Dwarf Gourami Aggressive?

Dwarf gouramis are known for being docile fish, unlike the standard size gourami which can become aggressive. Dwarf gouramis are so peaceful that they will allow themselves to be bullied to death rather than fighting back, but this doesn’t mean they are without their enemies!

Gouramis are a type of fish that are often kept in aquariums. There are many different types of gouramis, and they come in a variety of colors. One question that people often ask is whether or not dwarf gouramis are aggressive. This article will explore the answer to that question.

Are Dwarf Gouramis Aggressive?

Dwarf Gouramis can be a good fish for the community tank. They are generally peaceful and do not require large amounts of space, making them perfect in smaller setups like apartment complexes or homes with limited outdoor spaces where you might want to keep an aquarium! The males may get more aggressive during breeding periods but overall these dainty little guys make great additions when combined with some decorations that match their coloration (they come in several different colors).

The Dwarf Gourami is much simpler and easier to care for fish than its larger cousin. While other gouramis may become aggressive, this gentle breed will let itself get bullied into submission rather than fight back! Males of some species including Siamese fighting fish also show an interest in targeting these softer targets.

Do Dwarf Gouramis Fight Each Other??

Since they are so small and docile, dwarf gouramis are not generally aggressive towards each other. However, if you have more than one male of these fish in the same tank it may become a bit more competitive during breeding periods. This will be especially true if there are females around as well! If you want to keep multiple males, be sure to have plenty of room for them to swim around and make sure there are enough hiding places for them to retreat to.

So overall, dwarf gouramis are generally peaceful fish that are not likely to get into fights with each other. However, if you have more than one male in a tank together they may become more competitive during breeding periods. Be sure to give them plenty of space and make sure they have enough hiding places!

What Causes Aggression In Dwarf Gouramis?

Dwarf gouramis are not the most fighter fish in your tank, but it’s still important to keep them paired up. This is because they can get into fighting with one another if there aren’t enough females around for both genders (or an even number). If this happens then you might need some extra males or they could be fight because of this following reason:


aggression is a common cause of fights between fish. If one dwarf gourami feels that it isn’t getting enough food, or if there are other dominant fish in the tank, it may become aggressive towards its tank mates.

This is a great way to keep your fish from fighting. They won’t be as aggressive if you separate them by feeding their different needs in different areas of the tank!


It would appear that mating is a big reason for aggressive behavior. The males are trying to show off and stake their claim in order the right female attention, or reduce competition amongst themselves when there’s too many of them around (and make sure she actually likes you!).


When you notice that your dwarf gourami is fighting over a specific area, it may be worth rearranging or adjusting their living space. You can either add more decorations and plants for them in this new location OR move everything around so they have room to roam again!

How Can You Stop Aggression in Dwarf Gourami?

Remove Aggressors

If you have a dominant fish in your tank, it may be contributing to the aggression in the dwarf gourami. If this is the case, then you can try removing that fish from the equation and see if the behavior stops.

Add more Decorations

Adding more decorations to your tank will help diffuse any tension or competition that may be going on. This is especially true if you add more plants and areas for the fish to swim in and hide.

Change their Environment

If your dwarf gourami are getting aggressive because of their territory, then try changing their environment by rearranging the decorations in the tank. You can also add more plants or hiding places to help them feel more secure.

Feed them Separately

If you are having trouble with aggression in your dwarf gourami, try feeding them separately. This will help to reduce the competition for food and stop any fights from happening.

A Larger Fish

It is important to add a large fish in the tank so that these little dwarf gouramis know who’s boss. They might all become aware of another presence living with them and decide there’s more safety when they’re not trying aggressively towards each other!

Conclusion paragraph:

When it comes to fighting, dwarf gouramis are usually gentle and social. Their fights are usually due to territory or breeding. They behave like other fish in this regard but they don’t result in harm or death as often because of their size. Dwarf Gouramis will sometimes fight each other for space, food (they eat mostly vegetables), or during the mating season-but these events rarely lead to injury. Giving them enough room with plenty of spaces to enjoy through decoration and planted areas can help reduce aggression problems by providing more places for your pets to not only swim but also play! Have you ever had a problem with aggressive behavior from your pet? What did you do about it? Let us know below!