Why Three Spot Gourami is Changing Color? 5 Tips To Cure

As an aquarium owner, you’re likely familiar with the many changes in color that different fish can undergo. But have you ever wondered why they do it? In this post, we’ll explore the various reasons why Three Spot Gourami might change color and what that means for their health. We’ll also provide some tips on how to keep your aquarium looking its best.

Why Do Three Spot Gourami Change Color?

There are several reasons why Three Spot Gourami changes colors.


The first is stress, which can be caused by environmental factors, aggression from tank mates, or just generally poor water conditions. If you notice that the Three Spot Gourami color is changing for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of stress.


Aggression between tankmates can also cause Three Spot Gourami to change color. This is not only stressful but potentially dangerous for the fish. If you notice a pattern of one particular fish getting harassed by another, it’s best to rearrange your tank so that they’re all at a comfortable distance from each other.

If there’s no stress or aggression present in your aquarium, there are still a number of other causes for color changes.


Three Spot Gourami feed on zooplankton, so if you’re supplementing with flakes or pellets, it might not provide the nutrients they need to achieve their full color potential. Also, if your fish have been eating a particular pigment-enhancing food that’s suddenly discontinued, their colors might fade for a few weeks as they adjust.


Finally, health issues can also cause a color change. Parasites and fungus can lead to Three Spot Gourami losing color, even if there’s no stress or aggression present in the tank. Luckily, once they’ve been eliminated from the body, the fish should gradually regain their original color.

How to Prevent and Treat Common Three Spot Gourami Color Problems

1. Give Your Fish the Right Nutrition:

TetraColor Tropical Flakes is a staple of many aquarium owners, but it’s more than just an ordinary flake food. It provides nutrition for intense coloration in many types of fish. If your Three Spot Gourami are suffering from color loss, TetraColor can help return them to their vivid former self.

2. Use Color Enhancing Food:

Another option is Hikari Micromax, which contains spirulina and other ingredients that boost the brightness of Three Spot Gourami coloration. In addition to being a color enhancer, Micromax offers complete nutrition so less-nutritious foods can be phased out of your fish’s diet.

3. Try Fish Vitamins:

Aquari-Sol is a good choice for Three Spot Gourami that suffer from parasites or fungus in the tank. It does more than just treat disease, as it can also relieve stress and replenish essential vitamins that fish need to maintain color.

4. Perform Regular Water Changes:

Keeping your aquarium clean is the best way to prevent health problems from arising in the first place. Three Spot Gourami are large and messy fish, so regular water changes should be a top priority for their owners.

5. Give Your Fish a Peaceful Home:

Aggression between tankmates is one of the main causes of color loss in Three Spot Gourami, so make sure your fish have plenty of space to move around. You should rearrange the aquarium so that there’s enough room for everyone without having to crowd anyone fish.

If you notice that your Three Spot Gourami seem stressed out or aggressive, their color might be changing for no apparent reason. In this case, the problem is likely to be environmental and it’s best to take steps to correct it as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about how to resolve the issue on your own, there are several aquarium experts available to help.