Why Are My Dwarf Gourami Bloated? 5 Reasons

Dwarf Gouramis are a beautiful addition to any tank, but when they become bloated, they can be a cause for concern. Find out what might be causing this and how to remedy the situation.

Why Is Dwarf Gourami Bloated?

Dwarf Gouramis are often plagued by bacterial infections, parasites, or even fungus. One common problem you may notice is that your fish may have a bloated stomach. This can be caused by many things, including constipation or containing air due to being nervous or scared. The first step should always be to contact your local fish store if you suspect issues with your fish.

Causes of Dwarf Gourami Bloating

There are a variety of reasons that could cause your Dwarf Gourami to become bloated. Here are a few of them:

Intestinal Blockage:

This is a very common cause of bloating, especially in Gouramis. This can be caused by parasites or fungus and could lead to a serious issue if not treated immediately.

If you notice your fish has a bloated stomach but seems content, don’t panic – it might just have swallowed some air from nervousness. Severe bloating that persists should be treated with an antibiotic prescribed by your fish store owner or veterinarian.


Parasites like Costia or Chilodonella can cause bloating in Gouramis. These parasites are easily seen under a magnifying glass and are usually only found when the water quality of the tank is poor. These are easily treated by an anti-parasite medication, which will be sold at your local fish store.

Fungal Infection:

Fungal Infection can cause bloating in Gouramis. You may notice fuzzy or cottony growths on the body of the fish. This is easily treated with a fungal medicated food. Your local fish store should have this readily available.


If your Gourami has accidentally swallowed air, it may become constipated. This is easily fixed with a pin or toothpick that you would use to feed your fish normally. You may gently massage the stomach of the Gourami to help release the gas or food that has become stuck. This is only temporary though, and you should contact your local fish store for a more permanent solution.

Dwarf Gourami Diseases:

There are a couple of common Dwarf Gourami diseases that may cause bloating. The first one is Hole-In-The-Head Disease. As the name implies, this disease causes holes to form in the head and vertical fins of your fish, and may also cause it to become bloated. This is caused by a parasitic infection. The best cure for this is medicated food from your local fish store.

The second disease that commonly leads to bloating is fin rot. Fin rot can be identified by fraying or rotting of the fins, and may also cause the Dwarf Gourami to appear bloated. Again, this is caused by a parasitic infection. The best cure for this is medicated food from your local fish store.

Treating Dwarf Gourami Bloating

As with most diseases and infections, the best and most effective treatment is prevention. Make sure to keep up on your tank maintenance and test your water frequently to prevent parasites or fungus.

If you notice bloating in any of your fish, do not panic! A simple remedy may fix the problem, but do not hesitate to contact your local fish store if the bloating persists.

Dwarf Gouramis are not only great community fish, but they are also very popular among beginner fishkeepers. Despite their small size and hardiness compared to much other fish, they can be plagued by disease very easily.

With proper tank maintenance and frequent water changes, you can help prevent the most common diseases with ease. However, if the unthinkable happens and your Dwarf Gourami falls ill, I hope you find this article helpful in treating it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to leave them below.