Can Three Spot Gourami and Betta Live Together?

I get this question a lot — can three spot gourami and betta live together? The answer is yes. Believe it or not, betta and three spot gourami can live together peacefully. But there are some things you need to know before giving it a try. In this post, I’ll share with you what you need to know before adding a three spot gourami to your betta tank.

How Can Three Spot Gourami and Betta Live Together?

Three spot gourami is not a fin nipper. I repeat not a fin nipper. Don’t be fooled by its aggressive-looking spines; three spot gouramis are totally safe with bettas. The only time a betta is in any danger from a three spot gourami is when the fish are spawning.

At this time, males might get a little territorial and nip at female bettas fins. But that’s about it. Three spot gouramis are one of the best species you can have with bettas.

Three Spot Gourami Are Peaceful Fish

As I mentioned, three spot gourami are peaceful fish that will get along great with a betta. These fish do well in groups so having two or three of them is not a problem. Just remember that you should have a tank that is at least 30 gallons because these fish will size up as they age. And three spot gourami can live for about 5 years.

If you want to add other types of fish to your betta tank, I would still recommend sticking with small and non-aggressive ones. You don’t want to take the risk of adding a fish that might be nippy or overly aggressive. Stay away from fancy goldfish and aquarium sharks.

Care Requirements

If you want to keep betta and three spot gourami together, you should know that both species are not picky eaters. You can feed them a mix of betta pellets and flake food made for community fish. The key is to make sure they are eating. If either one starts acting hungry all the time, it might be time to think about adding a feeder fish or two.

But if you go this route, make sure you know what kind of feeders they like and how often they should be fed. If your betta and three spot gourami don’t eat right away, add an air stone or bubbler to their tank. This will help stimulate their appetite.

I would also recommend supplementing your community fish’s diet with algae wafers and freeze-dried blood worms. This will give them a balanced diet and keep them healthy and active.

Treating Sick Fish

If you notice anything out of the ordinary — lethargy, tail biting, or fungus — it might mean your fish are sick. If so, you should take action right away and treat the problem. This is especially true if there is a fungus or parasite issue going on because these could spread to other fish in your tank.

If you have a betta and three spot gourami tank, make sure to separate any sick fish from the others. Bettas are especially sensitive to illness and could end up getting sick as well if exposed to something harmful.

Follow these simple rules and your betta and three spot gourami tank should be just fine!​